Architect @ work, organized in 14 countries in Europe, was held at Istanbul Expo Center in November 2018. Taking part in the fair where innovative products are exhibited, Perstone presented its products produced with new technology to the visitors for 2 days.
Persto to, the third held this year in Turkey and architect, interior decorator and Mammuthus see the intense interest in the activities of construction professionals, the Pardus, Walrus, and drew the attention of the Octopus product.
Perstone, which makes a difference in the sector by using the latest technology materials and is a meticulous brand in design, explained to the visitors the importance of Natural Building and Insulation products for the construction sector, on the platform where products of certain brands selected by a special delegation were exhibited.

Özcan Kaya, General Manager of İnper Perlit, stated that they participated in the fair with the business principle that prioritizes innovation and continued his words as follows: “Perstone branded building and insulation products, which take their strength from the miracle of perlite, provide the heat, sound and fire insulation of all buildings perfectly naturally. We presented our products, Mammuthus, Pardus, Walrus, and Octopus, produced with new technology, to the experts of the industry at Archıtect @ work Istanbul.As Perstone, our R&D department, where research and development studies are carried out, is pioneering the introduction of new products to our country in the light of the feedback we receive from visitors here. We will continue to take firm steps towards the vision of becoming the most innovative company of the sector in domestic and international markets. ” said.

The fair aiming to become traditional; It will continue to offer innovative materials in the coming years.