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Perlite; It is the name given to rhyolite-containing volcanic rocks with spheroidal and concentric fracture lines formed by shrinkage due to sudden cooling and containing 2-5% water. The majority of the content of perlite, which is a rock made of acidic volcanic magma containing 2 to 6% crystalline water in the grain wall, consists of silicon dioxide and aluminum. The rest are mineral compounds and their water content ensures the stability of perlite. Perlite is a rock that has heat expansion property and becomes very light and porous when it is expanded. The word perlite is used for both raw perlite and expanded perlite. It expands between 750-1200oC when heated suddenly and turns into a foam aggregate consisting of glassy grains.

Perlite raw material of 0.0-2.5 mm size is passed through various heat treatments and its volume is increased 35 times. The amount of volcanic glass, crystal and devitrification in the rock also affect the expansion capacity. The colors and structures of the perlite rocks are very different from each other; It makes it very difficult to recognize perlite by eye. While the color of the raw perlite changes from transparent light gray to bright black, when it expands, the color becomes completely white. These microporous products are very valuable materials for isolation and insulation.

Perlite, which draws attention with its ease of use, practicality and economic features, is of great benefit to nature and humanity. It has the feature of being a life-saving substance as it prevents the transition to floors in the event of fire with its resistance to heat, which provides energy saving in heat insulation. It creates healthy places that give importance to human health with its breathable structure. When used, it reduces our dependence on petrochemical derivatives and contributes to the protection of natural resources. Since it has no negative impact on the environment, it has a very important role in preventing the unique nature of our country.

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