PERSTONE, which takes its strength from nature in heat, sound and fire insulation, draws attention in the sector as an initiative of MB Holding. A panel on Perstone Brand Launch and Materials and Architectural Design, Safety and Sustainability was held at the Grand Hotel by MB Holding. The administration of Gaziantep Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, leading architects and contractors of the region and leading academicians of the region attended the launch and the panel.
In the panel moderated by Master Architect Mehpare Evrenol, the founding partner of Evrenol Architects, which attracts attention on a national and international scale with its urban design, architecture and interior design projects, and the winner of many competitions, the place and importance of natural materials in architectural design was pointed out. How sustainability should be preserved in projects and with which criteria the material should be considered in new projects were under the scrutiny. In this context, the Founding Manager of TURKECO, the first Turkish company to be elected to the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Board of Directors, Civil Engineer Dr. Duygu Erten transferred her knowledge and evaluated public and private sector relations. Turkey’s fire protection and security is mentioned, the first name that comes to mind is Professor of Mechanical Engineers Dr. Abdurrahman Kılıç informed the panelists about the protection issues that should be considered in architectural design and applications. Inper Perlite Sales and Marketing Manager Gökmen Köroğlu said in his speech Pers Perstone branded building and insulation products that take their strength from perlite miracle; It provides the thermal, sound and fire insulation of all buildings in a completely natural way. It protects the buildings in adverse conditions such as cold, heat, humidity, fire and loud noise with its new technology production features. He stated that Mammuthus (Wall Mesh), Pardus (Insulation Plaster), Walrus (Underlayment Plaster), Octopus (Block Braiding Glue) offered under the Perstone roof brand are the most natural and strongest form of insulation thanks to the perlite content.

MB Holding set out with the principle of “Success is the Greatest Happiness”; It has determined it as a vision to act in a manner worthy of its name and position in every sector it is involved in, to keep the needs of its customers at the highest level, to be respectful to the environment and people, to be a leading organization not only in its sector but also in every point where it can positively affect the society. İnper Perlit, established within MB Holding in 1997; As a result of long years of R&D studies, it is proud to preserve the natural structure of perlite and to present the building materials and insulation products produced under the Perstone brand to the construction sector. The program ended with a photo shoot and the presentation of thank you gifts to the speakers.