Inper Perlit, one of the MB Holding group companies participating in the GAP Agriculture, Agricultural Technologies and Livestock Fair, attracted great attention from the participants.

Inper Perlit, one of the MB Holding group companies, was held at the Gaziantep Middle East Fair Center and officially opened with the participation of Gaziantep Governor Erdal Ata, Gaziantep Ak Party Deputy Nejat Koçer, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality President Dr. Asım Güzelbey and other protocol members. participated in.

Located in 72% of the world reserves of Turkey and agriculture in the construction sector, to food industry, textile industry from the health sector to a wide field of use with perlite material extending between the materials used in the market by being the only natural material adverse effect on human health is also very important has a place.

Explaining that perlite material is used in seedling, resource and medicine saving, and soilless fruit and vegetable cultivation, İnper General Manager Özcan Kaya; “Perlite, which facilitates the nutrient intake as it keeps the water holding and aeration capacity of the environment high, is also a sterile product that prevents the formation of cream layer and slime in the plant. It can be used without any pesticides as it does not contain any disease, fungus, insect, seeding or grazing.

Inper Perlite officials who introduced the perlite material, which will greatly benefit the agriculture of the country and our farmers in terms of these features, to the guests coming to the fair; They expressed their satisfaction with the crowd of people participating in the fair, which was held with the participation of many important companies in the agriculture and livestock sector, and the crowd of people from Gaziantep and surrounding areas and the interest of the guests in perlite material.