Participating in the Şanlıurfa Building Construction and Decoration Fair held on 10-13 April, İnper Perlit attracted great attention.
The second Building, Construction and Decoration Fair held in Sanliurfa this year was opened with a ceremony. Şanlıurfa Governor İzzettin Küçük, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Security Halil Etyemez, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Celalettin Güvenç, Tümsiad General President Hasan Sert and representatives of 150 companies participated in the opening of the fair, where local folk songs and raw meatballs were offered by the team at the place of the night. Speaking at Etyemez Deputy Minister of Trade, said that Turkey in the last 12 years, capture economically significant growth potential.

Explaining that the perlite material, which offers the most practical and economical insulation materials of the construction sector to the sector, provides a temperature difference of 4-7 degrees in hot and cold climates and does not contain radioactivity and carcinogenic substances, has a wide area of ​​use from the construction sector to agriculture, from the industrial sector to the food, from the textile sector to the health sector. Özcan Kaya, General Manager of İnper; “Perlite used in buildings protects the reinforced concrete and steel carcass structure of the buildings against direct flame and heat in case of fire. In addition, it regulates the humidity of the spaces, does not contain insects, is not affected by weather conditions, and reduces the labor costs of wall and plaster. I think that perlite, which is a nature-friendly material, should tell people more. As MB Holding, we always maintain our superior quality understanding and constantly renew and develop ourselves ”.

Inper Perlite officials who introduced the perlite material, which will greatly benefit the country’s building and construction sector in terms of these features, to the guests coming to the fair; They expressed that they are satisfied with the crowd of people from Şanlıurfa and the surrounding areas and the interest of the guests in the perlite material.